l’occhio di salina

And this is the Story:

A boy, waiting in the harbour of the island, while a tourist leaves the ferry. And the traveller holds one of this little boxes in front of his eye ... and there is this sound ... >click!< ... and this sound never leaves the boy's head.

Apart from the fact that we do like this story and believe it to be absolutely true, my wife and I have met the boy who is a grown up man and a father himself by now and have the greatest respect for both his art and his life.

Tanino Cincotta is, we believe, "l’occhio da Salina". A self-taught photographer who is witness to what not only the island of Salina is about - but what is the core of what both the people living there and those visiting, really love in general about the mediterranen and its culture ...... and especially what they love about the Eolian islands north of Sicily.

His wonderful images needed two things to come into existence: That the man who made them is an able artist and at the same time one who has the trust of the people he photographs. And a deep knowledge about the light, the colors, the structures and the hidden treasures of this wonderful island. The work of an Islander. A native of Salina.

People interested in his work can see more recent pictures on facebook.