Biographical Notes

As a writer I dabble in film scripts for feature length drama and comedy (about 30 realised as films so far) and - at times - also throw myself into writing novels.

As a director I have realised about 20 feature length movies, drama and comedy, mostly for prime time TV but also some for theatrical release, a TV series, lots of children short films (stop motion animated) and am currently indulging myself in the professional world of digital film and semi-pro web based „cinema“. The latter for reasons of educating myself and for having some basic fun again in a media too often restricted by seemingly professional standards that start to bore me stiff at times...

For over ten years now minority-partner in U5-Filmproduktion a Frankfurt based independent production company ( which has produced about 40 feature length TV-Movies, a handful of documentaries, web-based social content films and currently is preparing two movies for theatrical release.

But: I do work also as a free lance for hire...... if you have some money and a kind word to spend, don‘t hesitate to call and throw both at me.

Member of both the German screen-writers and the directors guild, currently member of the funding commission of HessenInvest, the local organisation for co-financing of films shot in Hessen and on the board of Verwertungsgesellschaft BildKunst, the biggest copyright protection and collecting agency in Germany for creative people working in the fields of visual art, photography and film.

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